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What's Happening @ Women In Consulting!

Women In ConsultingSouth Bay Area Networking Event
June 13 @ 6 PM PDT

You are all cordially invited to join us at San Pedro Square Market, 87 North San Pedro, San Jose, California, on June 13 @ 6 PM. We're looking forward to this opportunity to get to know each other in person ~ look for volunteer Ellen Grace Henson when you arrive onsite! Learn more here >>>>>>

Special Event

Special Event: What Consultants, Coaches, and Experts Need to Know About Marketing Ethics
June 22 @ 12 PM PDT

Kathryn Gorges, Senior Business and Marketing Coach, President of Women In Consulting, will lead a discussion on how ethics play a significant role in our businesses, what to lean into, and what to avoid. We’ll discuss generative AI, content posting, email marketing, and reputation. Learn more here >>>>>>

Women In Consulting

Monthly Sandbox Program
July 5 @ 8:30 AM PDT

We invite you to join this open forum to explore a wide range of tips and tools. The emphasis is on exploring, experimenting, and learning from each other. Learn more here >>>>>>