WIC Email List Rules

Women In Consulting Community Email List Rules

Member-only Benefit*

Posting to the Women In Consulting Lists

Please do not include any HTML, email “signatures” or images in your posts, as they do not appear in the digest format or in the archives and are stripped off of any emails sent to any of our lists. Posts must be in plain text without added images, coding or attachments. Then create your email in your email app, just as you would any other email message. 

Be sure to check the guidelines below before posting your message, and then send your post to one of the following email addresses (depending upon which lists you are subscribed to and the topic of the post):

Women In Consulting Community List: [email protected]
Women In Consulting Off-Topic List: [email protected]

Once you receive the responses from other Women In Consulting members, compile all the responses as a reply to your original email post by copying and pasting the information you received into the reply. Then send that reply with all the compiled answers to the list with the subject line of, "COMPILED: [Your Original Subject Line}."

This way, all of the great advice and answers you received will be stored in the archives for other Women In Consulting members to access as necessary.


Replying to a Post

When replying to a post, be sure to only select "reply" and never "reply-all" in your email app. Then, provide the tip or information you have to share, and send it off to the original poster only.

Do not copy the person to whom you are referring the Women In Consulting member!!

The original poster will follow the compilation process above to post all responses to the wic-lists. 


“The ad hoc support and response to help outreach I receive is why I value my membership as much as I do. It’s the only forum I know of that I can always count on to provide a helping hand when I need it most.”

Dana Sanderson, Sanderson Studios, Inc


What Posts Are Allowed on the Women In Consulting Community List?

  • Seeking candidates for consulting or job opportunities, whether consulting/contractor 1099 gigs, full-time or part-time W-2 employment (please list the city and state of the opportunity in the subject line: "ISO San Francisco: CA 1099 Contract Graphic Designer")
  • Soliciting referrals for business-related professional services (accountants, lawyers, printers, insurance, etc.)
  • Asking questions about running your practice or managing client relationships
  • Inquiring about standards, protocol or advice on a "sticky" business situation
  • Soliciting specific referrals or contacts within a specific company—not general sales leads
  • Announcing WIC-sponsored or WIC-co-produced partner events

What Posts Are Not Allowed on the Women In Consulting Community List?

  • Reply All—don’t do it—not even to apologize for doing it by mistake!
  • No self-promotion, introductory messages, unsolicited promotions or referrals of individuals available for hire
  • No unsolicited promotion of people, products or services. This includes your own, as well as those of other people (such as your accountant, potential collaborators for other members, or even your nanny or interior designer), and also extends to websites, books, movies, etc., that you feel are helpful. If a poster asks for such a recommendation, then, of course, you may share, but you may not post such a promotion or recommendation unless someone asks for it first.
  • No questions and discussions regarding the amount of fees (rates or project figures) are considered illegal price fixing and not allowed on the WIC Community or WIC Off-Topic email list. You can ask what people have paid for a particular service, but WIC cannot let you ask for comparative rates consultants charge, ask for advice or feedback on prices you are charging, or share any of your own pricing, pricing lists, pricing processes, or pricing policies for comment. Our Antitrust Policy can be reviewed here.
  • No selling of anything, soliciting loans, posting of coupons such as "Groupon" or special offers for anything, even if business related
  • Non-WIC event announcements
  • No Posting for nonmembers: Posting one-time jobs for others is fine, but asking questions and getting compiled responses is a benefit reserved for paid members. Encourage your friend to join us
  • Personal requests such as nanny, handyperson or other household or personal service-related promotional postings
  • Newsletters of any type, other than the WIC-produced newsletter are not allowed, as well as requests to join your mailing list
  • No invitations to update contact information in Plaxo, LinkedIn, Facebook or other similar services
  • No political statements of any kind, no statements regarding anything of a political nature, including, but not limited to announcements, events, or requests to sign petitions
  • Please do not forward posts outside of the lists, unless you have the permission of the poster or anyone who replies to an inquiry that you may forward it. Respect the privacy of the list and its members.


What Is Allowed ONLY on the Women In Consulting Off-topic List

The list of exclusions for the Women In Consulting Community list also apply to the off-topic list, except in these circumstances:
  • Self-promotion, introductory messages, unsolicited promotions or referrals of individuals available for hire
  • Promotion of any products or services, whether your own or any other company's
  • Announcing non-WIC events
  • Nanny, handyperson or other household or personal-use service-related promotional postings


General List Rules for All WIC Lists

  • Don’t use "Reply All." Be sure to select the individual's name/email address. Be sure to double check this, especially on a cell phone or tablet, as it defaults to "Reply All."
  • Original posters should compile all answers and post them as a resource for the list. Please respect any individual who replies with a resource but wishes not to be included in the compilation.
  • Don’t forward posts outside of the lists, unless you have the permission of the poster or anyone who replies to an inquiry.
  • Post a message to only one list. Choose the Community List, the Off-Topic List, the Mastermind List or the Executive Members List, depending on the message. We encourage members to post to the Community List when they want to reach the broadest audience.
  • Don't flame people who violate these rules. Instead, send your concern to the list monitor, who will deal appropriately with anyone violating list rules.
  • Don’t post messages for non-list members. The posting of one-time jobs is allowed, but asking questions and then compiling the answers is a subscriber benefit and is reserved for paid members. Encourage your friend to join us!
  • Don’t post political statements, or anything of a political nature, including  but not limited to announcements, events, or requests to sign petitions.
  • Don’t invite others to join a newsletter, subscribe to an RSS feed or post invitations to update contact information in Plaxo, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Don’t forward newsletters of any type, other than the WIC-produced newsletter.
  • Don’t solicit for loans, whether business or personal.
  • Don’t post any special offers or coupons such as "Groupon" or similar services, even if business related.

If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a post, please contact the List Monitor, who will review the message and advise you of any infractions.


Consequences of Not Following List Rules

Anyone sending an email that does not follow the guidelines will receive a written warning from the List Monitor.

A second offense will receive a written warning and temporary suspension from the list; reinstatement will occur only after the list member has notified the WIC List Monitor that he/she has read the Email List Guidelines on the website and agrees to follow them in the future. Monitoring means that all emails will be reviewed and approved by the List Monitor before being approved for posting. The length of time that emails will be monitored will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the List Monitor; monitoring may be for a period of 15 to 30 days, or longer. A WIC member who violates the rules after a period of being monitored will be subject to removal from the list for the rest of the calendar year.

A third offense by a Women In Consulting member will result in removal from the list for the remainder of the calendar year.

All violations by Women In Consulting members are tracked throughout the year by the List Monitor, but are dropped at the beginning of each calendar year, allowing every member to start the year with no violations.


Women In Consulting Association Office 
[email protected]


The Women In Consulting Community, Women In Consulting Off-Topic, Women In Consulting Executive Member email lists are provided as a service of Women In Consulting, Inc. All message authors are solely responsible for, and indemnify and hold harmless Women In Consulting from, the content of their messages. By posting a message hereon, the posting party grants WIC and users of the list the nonexclusive right and license to display, copy, publish, distribute, transmit, print and use such information or other material without remuneration of any kind. Women In Consulting accepts no responsibility for the opinions and information posted on this list. Women In Consulting may not be held responsible for relationships created or subsequent outcomes as a result of the use of any of its lists. The email listserv program broadcasts messages to all current list subscribers with no editorial review by Women In Consulting; Women In Consulting does not verify the accuracy of submitted messages nor does it endorse the opinions expressed by message authors. In the event an inappropriate posting is brought to Women In Consulting's attention, Women In Consulting will take the action that it deems appropriate in its sole discretion, as stated in the Consequences of Not Following List Rules section above. Women In Consulting reserves the right to terminate access to any user at any time and/or to discontinue the listserv. Utilizing or posting to this list indicates agreement with these guidelines.