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Women In Consulting (WIC) webinars are information-packed mini-courses that are relevant to practically every consultant and independent business owner. Every WIC webinar is brimming with tips, tricks and best practices you can put to work immediately to improve your business and profitability. Our most popular webinars are now available on-demand for viewing anytime, anywhere.

Each webinar cost varies depending on if the recording is for an individual webinar or if a series is being purchased and the membership type of the purchaser.

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Consulting 101  AB5: What's New, What's Next?
Marketing Automation  Choose carefully. Is Your Entity Type Hurting Your Business?
Marketing Planning Developing Your Unique Value Proposition
  Fee Resistance
  Impact of the New Law AB5 for Consultants
  Improving Your LinkedIn Profile 
  Let's Talk About AI
  Making Companies & Products More Human
  Value-Based Retainers: What You Need to Know to Grow Your Consulting Business
  Scaling Your Consulting Business Model: Subcontractors vs. Employees and the Ups and Downs of Each 
  Using Storytelling in Marketing
  What Clients Need, Want, and Will Pay Your Consulting Firm For


Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

In this practical and informative presentation, Sandra Clark, LinkedIn Mentoring, will share why you can’t ignore the world’s largest business network! We'll learn how to use LinkedIn to receive positive attention from potential employers, business associates, clients, and prospects.

  • Be found
  • To post or not to post – is it worth it?
  • What’s new on LinkedIn
  • Build the relationship first so that the opportunities can follow.


Choose Carefully. Is Your Entity Type Hurting Your Business?

A business's entity type dictates both the structure of that organization and how that company is taxed. Do you feel confident that you know what is tax deductible for your business? Do you see your colleagues raving about how their business entity is providing them with significant tax advantages? When is the last time you reviewed your business entity to ensure you are appropriately classifying it?

The business structure you choose influences everything from day-to-day operations, to taxes, to how much of your personal assets are at risk. You should choose a business structure that gives you the right balance of legal protections and benefits.

Come hear Renee Daggett, tax pro and CEO of AdminBooks, as she breaks down in plain English the primary business entity types, what is deductible in each, and the pros/cons of each. You'll walk away after this webinar with a better idea of what you should explore further for your own business.


AB5: What's New, What's Next?

Get the latest scoop on how AB5’s changes will affect your business as a consultant, subcontractor, or as a person hiring contractors. This update will be chock full of ‘must know’ information.

Jenny Wiegley, Esq., Wiegley Employment Law, will be addressing the recent updates to California's law on independent contractors, AB 5. AB 5 is still relatively new and continues to evolve, keeping businesses on their toes as the rules change and the list of exceptions grows. Jenny will explain how the law impacts businesses right now, and cover practical strategies for compliance, as well as explaining the real-life risks involved with non-compliance. While AB 5 has complicated the way we use labor in California, a full understanding of how the law applies, can help prevent trouble without sacrificing business goals.


Developing Your Unique Value Proposition

To get consulting gigs, you need people to understand the value you offer, and why that value is higher than other options they might consider. You don't get much time to make them understand -- attention spans are short, and the noise level is high -- so you need to get your value across quickly. The best way to do that is to have a Unique Value Proposition, one that's so simple, clear, and compelling that anyone immediately understands what you do and why it matters.

We'll discuss factors that make an effective Unique Value Proposition, review some examples, and work on developing some new ones.


What Clients Need, Want, and Will Pay Your Consulting Firm For

Want to win more projects from more clients? What about better projects that pay more for less work and fewer headaches? Sounds good, but where are those projects? This exciting webinar for WIC answers exactly those questions, so that you can capture consulting projects more consistently with less stress.


Impact of the New Law AB5 for Consultants

This webinar is intended to help educate independent consultants and business owners about the impact of AB 5, the new California law which takes effect on Jan. 1, 2020. The intent of the new law was to codify the California Supreme Court’s Dynamex decision, which aimed to prevent companies from classifying employees as contractors to avoid paying benefits. Members of the “gig economy,” such as drivers for Uber and Lyft, were also supposed to benefit from the law.

However, AB 5 impacts most Californians who work as consultants or independent contractors or hire consultants and contractors, including many Women In Consulting members. If certain conditions are not met, this new law could make it very difficult for many to continue working as independent consultants in California. The heart of AB 5 creates a three-part criteria for determining if someone is an independent contractor. Further, AB 5 provides a list of 12 conditions an entity needs to meet to qualify as a “Business Service Provider” (BSP).

Jahmal T. Davis and Jennifer L. Yazdi from Hanson Bridgett will present and answer questions specific to help attendees understand how we can maintain our status as independent consultants or our businesses as companies that hire independent consultants.


Scaling Your Consulting Business Model – Subcontractors vs. Employees and the Ups and Downs of Each

Join us for an online interview with Jennifer Vessels, CEO of Next Step, when we’ll discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and implications in operations and marketing of choosing your business model using subcontractors, employees, or both to scale your offerings and services.

NOTE: This is different from outsourcing tasks to free you up (like accounting, email newsletters, social media posting, etc.) – in this conversation we’ll be talking about potentially having a team of consultants that you lead or a team of employees – all delivering services to your clients.

Key points:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of employees and/or subcontractors
  • Lessons learned
  • Key issues
  • Recommendations


Let's Talk About AI!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the consulting landscape. All businesses create, gather, process, store and transit information. Senior executives (e.g., CEO, CFO, CIO) are increasingly relying on technology to analyze this information to manage risks, lower costs, improve productivity and make informed business decisions. The evolution of supercomputers (e.g., IBM Watson) and AI enabled devices such as Alexa, Cortana and Siri are allowing senior executives to use AI to drive business results in ways that previously required insights from consultants.  

Consultants need to offer value that exceeds what technology will soon be able to do by itself. Consultants who anticipate — and adapt to — these changes will redefine their industry and relevance. 

This webinar will discuss ways that women business owners can 

  • leverage AI to create value for their customers, 
  • adapt to change, and 
  • determine whether or not AI will make or break their consulting practice.


WICademy Webinar Series | Consulting 101

The WICademy Consulting 101 course can help you launch your own consulting business with confidence, and enhance the business you have already started. The series, which is led by experienced consultants who have been where you are, will take you on a seven-week journey from “not knowing where to start” to taking on your first client.

Here’s how it works. Webinars lead by industry experts will cover information you need to be successful, like how to define your market, select a business entity, and deal with contracts and finances. With each recording, you will complete an assignment about one area of your new business. If you participate fully in this course, you will emerge with an actionable plan for starting your business.


WICademy Webinar Series | BIG Marketing for SMALL Business: Marketing Automation

It’s true. Business has become more and more competitive. Small businesses are increasingly competing with other, often larger entities. It’s becoming more and more difficult to differentiate yourself in a “sea of lookalikes.” And, of course, there is the issue of time. When business is good, it’s hard to find the time to market. When business slacks off, it is hard to start from scratch. Fortunately, there is hope…and help. Today’s automated marketing tools and processes can help you stand out in the crowd and effectively market yourself. That’s what “BIG Marketing for SMALL Businesses ,” a WICademy professional development series, is all about.

This download includes pre-recorded webinars lead by two industry experts covering information you need to successfully market. The Marketing Automation series is will enable you to reach more potential customers with less effort, through SEO, online advertising, and marketing automation tools.

Each session will conclude with an actionable assignment. If you participate fully in this course, you will emerge with an actionable Big Marketing plans for your small business, with the skills needed to implement them. 

Priced in individual sessions or full series access.


WICademy Webinar Series | BIG Marketing for SMALL Business: Planning  

Two top marketing strategists and advisors, Robin Weintraub and Shannon Ryan, will help you avoid mistakes and plan for success. They’ll talk you through the planning process, explaining what your plan should contain and why.

Priced in individual sessions or full series access.


Should You “Go Virtual” (Assistant That Is)? 

If you’re struggling, join Yvonne Weld and learn whether hiring a virtual assistant (VA) might help you make better use of your precious time. Yvonne will answer the six big questions about VAs. She’ll take you through a process to help you determine whether a VA would work for you and, if so, how you can get the greatest value from the relationship. The goal? Freeing yourself from time-consuming tasks so you can grow a profitable, successful business. 


Making Products—and Companies—“Human” 

Presenter Kathy Klotz-Guest, a marketing “doctor” during the week and comic improviser on weekends, is on a mission of healing to humanize B2B marketing. Laugh and learn as Kathy provides tips that will help you make your company and products (and those of your clients) more human, approachable, and profitable. 


Value-Based Retainers: What You Need to Know to Grow Your Consulting Business

Contrary to a legal retainer—which is basically a savings account you draw against—a value-based retainer allows you to offer clients access to your skills and experience in return for a fixed monthly fee. Value-based retainers are a smart way to go, because they allow you to grow your business and serve more clients without increasing your labor intensity.


The Science of Selling through Storytelling

During this absorbing one-hour session with special guest speaker Rosie Silva, you will learn:

  • How to use stories to connect and influence
  • How to use stories to facilitate buying
  • How to turn your ideas, beliefs, and experiences into compelling stories
  • How to use empathetic listening to get others to reveal themselves



Strategies to Reduce Fee Resistance and Command Full Price in a Sluggish Economy

Learn how to build an arsenal of powerful strategies and tactics to highlight your value, increase the rate of proposal acceptance, and address tough questions about discounting, fee reduction, and budget shortfalls.