Women In Consulting

Up Your Game: Quick Projects to Make New Business Friends

We have completely revamped how we’re making things happen for Women In Consulting activities, events, and the inner workings of the organization. 

Why did we do that?

  • To make getting involved and meeting new people MUCH easier for you. 
  • Help fit these projects into your schedule by making them short, well-defined, and interesting.
  • Offer more opportunities to get your brilliant thinking into the equation of where Women In Consulting is going.

Check out some of the opportunities below, organized by how you want to work and what you like doing.

Please note: Due to insurance requirements, you must be a WIC Member to join a volunteer team. See Volunteering at WIC for more information about the many benefits of taking on a volunteer role in WIC.

Women In ConsultingIf you like meeting speakers and introducing them:
Coordinate our monthly expert series for a quarter with another one of our members

  1. Choose from our list of topics and speakers
  2. Identify which 4th Thursday works for them and is open
  3. Connect with them to clarify what our audience would enjoy and how they can be successful
  4. Give them the link to our form for all their topic info, bio, and photo
  5. Time required: 1-2 hours for each event; TOTAL ~6 hours over 3 months

Women In ConsultingIf you like facilitating open discussion and getting to know a group of people: 
Coordinate and facilitate our monthly Sandbox series for a quarter

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Choose someone to provide expert insight
  3. Facilitate open discussion and ‘play’ with the idea, concept, challenge
  4. Time required: 1 ½ hours for the first Wednesday of each month; 1-2 hours coordinating with expert and creating title and description for the Sandbox focus; TOTAL ~8 hours over 3 months

Women In ConsultingIf you enjoy making people feel welcome and meeting new members:
Be a Women In Consulting Ambassador for a quarter

  1. Contact new members after they join to welcome them and find out what they’re looking for
  2. Connect the member up with at least one board member and other members via introductions
  3. Follow up each month
  4. Update member record for handoff to other ambassadors
  5. Time required: 1-2 hours/month; TOTAL ~6 - 8 hours over 3 months

Women In ConsultingIf you like helping Women In Consulting members get the word out about their business: 
Help organize sponsorships from our members for a quarter

  1. Solicit sponsorships via listserve and our newsletters
  2. Be point of contact for coordinating signups
    • Sponsor a meeting: get featured in the meeting and with a paragraph and image in our newsletter to the larger community list
    • Sponsor feature in the newsletter: paragraph and image in our newsletter to our larger community list
    • Connect them with the form to complete and upload all info and make payment
    • Check in with them to help them be successful with copy and call to action
  3. Time required: 1-4 hours/month; TOTAL ~6 hours over 3 months

Women In ConsultingIf you enjoy organizing seminars for high-powered women and in-depth topics: 
Develop one Executive Membership Level Program working with the Director of those programs

  1. Coordinate speakers
  2. Facilitate the event
  3. Manage logistics: Zoom for remote; in person room and food later this year
  4. Time required: 4-5 hours; TOTAL ~4 - 5 hours over 3 months

Women In ConsultingIf you like helping high-powered women connect with one another:  
Join our Executive Membership Candidate Committee, along with the Director of this program, to identify and recommend candidates for this membership level based on their business revenues, goals, and additional qualifications

  1. Look for candidates
  2. Connect with each candidate and discuss their business
  3. Discuss candidates and extend membership offers
  4. Welcome them into the group
  5. Time required: 4-5 hours; TOTAL ~ 4 - 5 hours over 3 months

Women In ConsultingIf you are a connector and like working with a variety of organizations, getting to know their leadership and focus: 
Coordinate and add to Women In Consulting partnerships with other like-minded organizations

  1. Look for candidates
  2. Propose new candidates to the Executive Team of Women In Consulting
  3. Highlight partner events that need to get promoted by Women In Consulting
  4. Get partner event information to our marketing team
  5. Get Women In Consulting event information to our partners
  6. Time required: 2-3 hours/month; TOTAL 6 – 8 hours for three months

Women In Consulting
If you enjoy Marketing, we have options:  

Join our Marketing Strategy Group later this year. 

  1. Contact Kathryn Gorges, Women In Consulting President to be added to this list. We’ll be developing a strategy based on our board objectives for the next few years.  
  2. Time required: 4-6 hours total over 2-3 months.

Join our Tactical Marketing Committee.

  1. Create visual content for posting about our events and activities
  2. Post on social – especially Instagram
  3. Help with a campaign for Membership, Mastermind, or another initiative.
  4. Time required: 2-3 hours/month; TOTAL 6-8 hours for three months

Women In ConsultingIf you like interviewing people on video and want to get to know more amazing members:  
Interview 10 members

  1. On Zoom, interview a member for about 15 minutes
  2. We’ll provide the list of members
  3. You send us the video
  4. We have some examples of the format
  5. Time required: TOTAL 4-5 hours


Your Next Step

Contact Kathryn Gorges, Women In Consulting President to get started. 


“Joining Women In Consulting’s board at this critical time in the organization allows me to act on my professional convictions through direct service. Women In Consulting’s goal aligns closely with my own: empower other women with the tools and opportunities to find their own professional freedom, defining success in whatever way matters most to them.”

Kate Stephenson, DYAD Engineering
Board of Directors Member, 2022-2025

 “Volunteering is the best way to get to know the members of Women In Consulting. One creates much deeper relationships with members, and is much more involved in the programs and organization benefits.”  

Maureen Ladley, Ladley & Associates