WIC Mastermind Groups

WIC Mastermind groups, sometimes known as Success Teams, are an invaluable program to keep you focused, accountable, and on track to be the successful business woman you are.  They have been around since the 1920’s and have only become more and more validated and proven.

Mastermind groups are filled with other women consultants who are at a similar stage in their business lifecycle as you are.  They have been or will be going through the same challenges and opportunities you face.  You can learn from their experience while also helping them grow and success by offering your own experience and knowledge.  No matter where you are in your career, you can learn from someone else AND help contribute to their success.  Mastermind participants act as personal advisors, providing advice, alerting each other to opportunities, and helping each other smoothly navigate past blind spots.

Some of the key benefits of joining a Mastermind Team include:

  • Accountability and Getting Things Done
    • It’s so easy to put off the unpleasant tasks you never want to do. 
    • By making a commitment to your group, and knowing you’ll be asked about your progress, you are much more likely to get those things done.
  • Relationships and Networking
    • By meeting regularly with a group of other successful women, they get to know you and your brilliance
    • The more people know you, the more comfortable they feel passing along their own contacts
    • You never know who might introduce you to your next valuable business partner, referral or your next client!
  • Support
    • Someone in your group will have gone through what you’re going through right now and can offer ideas and encouragement for getting through it
    • Someone else in your group will go through something you’ve already experienced and you can give them valuable ideas and insights
    • Develop a trusted support system. 
  • Ideas and Different Perspectives
    • Having a trusted friend and colleague who is not directly involved in the situation can help you with an idea or perspective that you may never have thought of.
  • Focus
    • We so often are pulled in so many different directions that it’s difficult to do the important tasks instead of just the most visibly urgent ones
  • Feedback 
    • Get honest, valuable and insightful feedback about your strategy, marketing materials and general presence in the workplace from supportive, intelligent successful peers who only want the best for you
  • Motivation
    • Working as an independent consultant can sometimes mean putting off unpleasant tasks
    • Work with your group to get those pesky items off your to do list


How Mastermind Groups Work

WIC reviews the applications of potential group members and forms groups of five to seven members each, based on common needs, growth stage of their business and each individual’s objectives.

WIC will provide an orientation to each group before their first meeting giving suggested topics, agendas and structure.

Participants make a 12-month minimum commitment to the group and respect the confidentiality of its discussions. The value of Mastermind Groups increases as relationships and trust deepen over time.

Meetings generally last 1 – 2 hours and can meet virtually by video or audio conference call, in person, or a combination of the two, depending on the group’s preference. Each member asks questions, seeks advice, gets new perspectives and celebrates successes. They also set goals and review progress.

While the groups are self-organizing with some flexibility on format, there is a proven structure that can be adapted to meet the group’s needs. They can also adopt or personalize WIC-provided topics and formats.

Timing and Investment

Participation in WIC Mastermind Groups is limited to WIC members. The cost for the initial 12-months of participation is $399.

NEW! Current Women In Consulting Basic Members will be upgraded to Premium Membership for 12-months with their Mastermind Group participation.

View the Mastermind informational briefing Is a Mastermind Group Right for You?  Robin Weintraub, former Director of Mentorship Programs, provides a brief 12-minute overview of the WIC Mastermind Groups and then answers common questions. If you’re considering a Mastermind Group, but still aren’t sure if it will meet your needs, please view this webinar.  

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