10 Plus BrandJoanne Tan
Brand Strategist, Branding Expert, PR & Marketing Consultant, Content & Brand Management

Founder & CEO, Joanne Z. Tan       


We Are Your Brand’s Sculptor, Spotlight, and Status-enhancer

  1. Brand Strategists | Brand DNA Decoders
  2. Content Writers | LinkedIn Profilers
  3. Visual Branding Experts | Graphic Designers
  4. Website Designers & Developers | SEO experts
  5. Video Production Crew | Photographers
  6. Advertising | PR | PPC | Media experts
  7. AI Curated Content & Social Media Marketing Specialists

To secure your brand-recognition in the marketplace, the following teams of experienced specialists are your brand’s trusted partners, advisors, and content creators to market your brand to your target audience.

We do the “whole 10 yards” of brand-building, branding, and brand marketing for businesses, including but not limited to B2B service firms such as law firms, accounting firms, commercial lenders, investment bankers, business consulting firms, technology companies, funded or venture capital VC backed startups, corporations, mid-market companies, non-profit organizations, private equity (PE) portfolio companies during restructuring or pre and post M&A, and political campaigns.

We also develop individual business brands with LinkedIn profiles, bios, resumes for public and private board members, CEOs, CFOs, C-suites members, corporate, institutional and nonprofit leaders, executive coaches & business consultants, commercial insurance brokers, attorneys, CPAs, M&A experts, entrepreneurs, commercial loan financers, realtors, etc.

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Our Philosophy

More Clients. More Influence. More Success…

We Help Your Brand Stand For Something, As Your Brand Builder And Marketer.

Brand = profits + culture + legacy.
We are a brand’s long-term partner.
We build your brand to lift your bottom line.
We establish a brand as a thought leader online.

We are a full-service, multimedia branding and digital marketing agency.

1st, we are brand builders
With an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach, we brand, rebrand, and refresh existing brands for businesses, B2B services, technology companies, funded or VC-backed startups, corporations, mid-market companies, non-profit organizations, private equity portfolio companies during restructuring or pre and post M&A.

2nd, we are content creators
After we decode a brand’s DNA, we create brand messaging and tell brand stories, verbally and visually, to construct a brand’s persona and elevate its stature on websites and social media with original content, blogs, podcast, videos, vlogs, custom website design and development, LinkedIn business pages and personal profiles, webinars, and PR content.

3rd, we are digital marketers
We combine AI enabled digital marketing with human intelligence to multiply a brand’s influence with repurposed articles, SEO, SEM, PPC, social media marketing, influencer marketing, marketing analytics, and Google core web vitals.