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Monthly Wednesday Sandbox Webinar Series 2022
Wednesday, September 07, 2022, 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM PDT
Category: Expert Series Sessions

Women In Consulting

Wednesday Sandbox Series 2022

Online Experience 
Monthly on the first Wednesday, January - December 2022, 8:30 - 10:00 a.m. Pacific 
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We invite you to join this open forum to explore a wide range of tips and tools. The emphasis is on exploring, experimenting, and learning from each other. Topics and facilitators will be announced.

Register once for the full series held monthly on the first Wednesday 8:30 am - 10:00 am Pacific.
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Monthly Sandbox Topics

Women In Consulting

August 3, 2022 Program Topic: Prioritizing and Getting Things Done!

Do you ever get so involved in a client project that everything else falls by the wayside?

Or, if that doesn't happen to you, how to you keep balance and manage all of the competing priorities in your life?

Don't miss this chance to hear some new tips--and commiserate! 

Women In Consulting

Women In Consulting 

June 1, 2022 Program Topic: Unexpected Tips

We can all read self-improvement blogs, newsletters and books, and hear generally-accepted ideas. But sometimes, the best ideas are where we don't expect to find them. Maybe you have a typical way of doing something, but one day you make a mistake or something else disrupts your process. While you're recovering from that, you realize it's actually a better way to do it. Or maybe you hear some naïve, even silly, advice, and your mind twists it around and you realize there's a gem in there that you can put to good use.

What common things have you you tried, that worked unexpectedly, or surprisingly, well?

What unexpected things have you tried that worked well?

Join us for the June 1, 2022 Sandbox to share tips, hear from and support other women in consulting.

Women In Consulting

April 6, 2022 Program Topic: The Insanity of Consulting

Do you sometimes find that those same clients you love (who pay you well and offer interesting work) can, at times, really stress you out? Let's talk.

Share your insights, tips and tricks and learn from the experience of others on keeping your sanity as a consultant, managing stress, and setting boundaries.

Women In Consulting's Sandbox series is an opportunity to really talk and explore with other consultants on the challenges and joys we all share. Register for one Sandbox and you are in for the series.

March 1, 2022 Program Topic: Why do my hips hurt?

I don't know about you...I haven't update my office furniture even though I am spending a lot more time sitting in a chair attending online events. Recently I noticed my hips are hurting a lot more and I am getting decreasing amounts of exercise. What's the solution?

WIC Member Lara Elfstrand has solved the challenges of both uncomfortable office furniture and lack of exercise. Join us in the March Sandbox to explore her solutions and share your experiences.

Jan 5, 2022 Program Topic: Happy New Year!! What's Next?

Are New Year's Resolutions something you do? In your business? In your life?

What is your vision for 2022? What goals have you set and how do you track your success against these goals? How do you identify, measure, and track your tasks, priorities?

Have you ever discovered and acted on a need to pivot in your business?

Women In Consulting's monthly Sandbox is all about sharing experiences, lessons, tools, tips, and tricks. When better to dive in with your peers than January 5th! Let's explore together and support each other around issues of planning and execution in 2022.

About the Event Hosts for the Monthly Series

Series Facilitator

Women In Consulting

Ellen Grace Henson, Women In Consulting Past President, is the Managing Director and Founder of Marketing Mechanics, and has been working in product management since the mid-’90s and consulting for 15 years. A thought leader with experience across multiple markets and technologies, Ellen Grace brings a unique combination of analysis and creativity to business and product strategy, market and customer insight, product-delivery process design, and aligning cross-functional teams to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and strong business results. 


Guest Facilitator: March 2, 2022

Lara ElfstrandAre you expecting a baby and anxious about how you or your partner will connect with your baby AND stay connected to each other? Are you a parent of a fussy infant? Are you a parent who is struggling with the “terrible two’s”? Are you struggling with overwhelm and sleep deprivation because you have a young child or children at home, and you need some support to create routines that work for your family? Lara Elfstrand helps new parents to know what to expect as they become parents. She helps them to reduce chaos, manage conflict, and set appropriate expectations for their family. She helps new parents to set a vision for what they want their family to be like and how they want to get there.

Guest Facilitator: January 5, 2022

Nicole Kleemann

Nicole Kleemann empowers curious, and courageous women to transform limiting beliefs and create choices that will bring their lives and careers to new heights. Her international experience managing diverse and cross-cultural teams at Google, along with her innate understanding of human behavior and motivation, has made her a sought-after manager and coach throughout her career.

She is the creator and teacher of The Wisdom of Saying No, [email protected], Yes - Honor Yourself First, Uniquely Me, and other workshops. Nicole believes that each woman has the wisdom and power to achieve what she truly wants in life.


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