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Position Yourself as a High Value Consultant…Instead of as a Vendor | General Meeting, March 15
Michael's At Shoreline
2960 N. Shoreline Boulevard
Mountain View, CA 94043
Thursday, March 15, 2018, 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM PDT
Category: Monthly Event

Position Yourself as a High Value Consultant....Instead of as a Vendor

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Are you finding yourself hemmed in by offering packages instead of getting deeper, more rewarding consulting engagements? Are you perplexed by how to contract for results and value, rather than sell pre-defined package or service?

We can all succumb to the pressure to create “packages” that can be easily described, scoped, and marketed. Our clients want something they can compare to other offerings from competing vendors. So, we sell by highlighting our skills and capabilities. But then, we’re limited by the delivery contract; it becomes difficult to be truly innovative, let projects evolve organically, follow our intuitions, or leverage the full richness of our experience.

Join us March 15 for this interactive presentation with Jerry L. Talley to learn how you can start to re-position yourself in your own mind and to the market. The exercises will help you:

  • Have greater clarity on what aspects of your practice qualify as consulting vs. operating as a vendor
  • Sell a consulting contract without showcasing your services
  • Structure a consulting engagement vs. a vendor project

Most consultants assume that their expertise will be enough to impel them into a successful consulting practice. While it is essential, expertise is not the defining characteristic of a consultant. And acting like an expert can even be a consultant’s weakness. Both vendors and consultants have expertise, but the consultant sells something more. Consultants:

  • assume the problem as presented may not be the real problem,
  • understand that the client’s definition of the problem may be the problem,
  • embrace the challenge of making change happen,
  • look for and leverage the unique features of the client’s world,
  • modify their delivery, as the “real problem in a unique situation” reveals itself over time.

Jerry will lead attendees in:

  • Doing an inventory of professional activities to decide if you are “consulting work” or “vendor work”
  • Practicing an initial client conversation that encourages the client to explore their needs rather than selling your expertise
  • Consider changes to a recent project plan that might create more room for an emergent project

Attendees will come away with greater clarity on how to define their practice and how that decision would alter their sales efforts, project definition, and contracting.

About Our Presenter

Jerry TalleyOver the last 35, years Jerry Talley has had over 450 consulting engagements in organizational assessment and development. He has worked with companies from Silicon Valley to New York to New Zealand. His clients have come from almost every sector of the economy. His current practice spans work process analysis, knowledge capture, culture change, group process, leadership, and advanced problem solving, but the common thread is addressing problems of inordinate complexity. I 



Includes meeting, dinner, coffee/tea.

  • Premium members: $40 through Wednesday, March 7, 2018; $50 after that and at the door
  • Basic Members: $50 through Wednesday, March 7, 2018; $55 after that and at the door
  • Non-members: $60 through Wednesday, March 7, 2018; $65 after that and at the door


5:30pm – 6:30pm: Networking and Dinner
6:30pm – 8:30pm: Presentation and Q&A

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