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Women In Consulting Accountability Teams Mastermind Program Overview 

You’re ready to launch a new initiative, write a book, set up a series of workshops, or move forward with some other new project. Join this team to keep yourself on track and accomplish that next big task.

Accountability Teams meet for 6-week sprints. A facilitator helps hold yourself accountability to your own deadlines.

Ideal candidates for Accountability Teams:

  • Are busy
  • Need to get a specific project done in a defined timeframe
  • Want to be held accountable to help with their own forward momentum
  • Can step up to set goals and tasks and appreciate questions about achieving those goals
  • Enjoy getting to know others doing the same thing

Program Meetings and Registration Details

  • Cost to participate: Pricing is $125/6-week session
  • Number of participants: 6-10
  • Meeting details: 
    • Team meets every week for 6-weeks for 1-hour
    • Sessions start every 2-months
  • Requires ongoing commitment for the 6-weeks of the program—register for as many 6-week sessions as you need to keep yourself in gear

Registering for Accountability Teams

Click the button below to complete the registration form. Soon after that, you’ll be receiving a welcome email with specifics about when and how to participate in meetings. 

Then, get a jump on it and start getting ready for your first week by identifying a project now you’d like to complete. Put together a task list that will move that project forward significantly over the course of 6-weeks. Then the Accountability Team will help you move through those tasks according to the dates you've selected for completion.

Women In Consulting



Ginger Weeden

"The Women In Consulting Accountability Team help me to move forward with business goals that were on my mind, but not on my list of urgent duties. As Simon Sinek says, "It is easier to disappoint myself than it is to disappoint a client." I don't allow myself to slack off when delivering to a client, but it is all too easy to slack off when the deliverable is for my own business. My weekly goals announced to the group felt more in-line with delivering to a client and therefore I was less likely to defer the tasks. I recommend this group highly to those who keep delaying tasks for your own business.”
Ginger Weeden, Set In Motion Marketing & Media

Kris Austin



"I appreciated two things about the Women In Consulting Accountability Team. First, Anna's facilitation as a group coach. She helped each of us focus on our goals and coached us on what a weekly action item should look like.
Second, the feedback from the other group members. It was a supportive group that allowed me to explore an idea
and determine the next best steps.”
Kristin Austin, KS Austin Communications


Carl Angott

“Our Accountability Team focused exclusively on us reaching all of our simplified and limited number of goals for each week. This helped me to stay focused on items that had lacked focus because they were "important but not urgent." This focus allowed me to get marketing done that I had been focused on for months and make much more progress in just 6-weeks. Well worth an hour per week to get this going, and the price.”
Carl Angotti, Angotti Product Development  


Nancy Nelson


"If you find that your to-do list is growing, and you could use an extra push to accomplish goals that are important to your business, I highly recommend the Accountability Team. Knowing that I would need to report my progress to the group each week kept me motivated and on task, and the group provided meaningful insights and honest feedback. The facilitator set a positive, supportive tone while keeping the group focused. The six-week program worked for my schedule and made it easy to commit. I plan to join again.”
Nancy Nelson, HRProse


Women In Consulting ~ Overview of All Mastermind Programs

Women In Consulting offers four different types of Masterminds, each designed to help you reach a different type of goal.

Visit the Mastermind programs overview page here or the individual program pages here: Accountability Teams; Member Mentoring Collaboration; Peer Board of Directors; Exponential Growth Circle.


Accountability Team

Member Mentoring Collaboration

Peer Board of Directors

Exponential Growth Circle


Getting Things Done

Problem Solving

Expand your business success Transform yourself and your business


Target Audience WIC members who want the accountability to get things done WIC Contributing and Executive members who need an occasional team to help them solve a particular issue  WIC members who want the long term support and confidentiality of a peer group. WIC members who want to take their practice to levels they didn't think were possible. At the end of the program be able to say, "I've transformed my practice."


WIC WIC Peers Executive Coach
Frequency of Meetings  Weekly Once Monthly Every 2-weeks Every 2 weeks as a group; every other week as buddy coaches; 1:1 executive coaching session in first month 30 minutes - 1 hour as needed
Length of Meetings





Number of Meetings 6


Ongoing 12 as a group; 12 with group partner
Ongoing Commitment

Yes, for the 6-weeks 

No ongoing commitment

Yes, for the year

Yes, for the 6-months

# Participants 6-10 Open 5-7 4-6


Pricing is $125/6-week session

Included in Premier and Executive Memberships

2021 pricing: starting at $300 per year

2022 pricing: starting at $500 per year

Introductory price of $2,500; discounts for Women In Consulting members

Sign-up process

Register online now ~ First come, first served Included in Premier and Executive Memberships ~ Click below to join as a Member today! Register online; first come, first served
Open twice a year in February & August to form new groups
Application process. Acceptance and payment; open twice a year in February and August to form new circles
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