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About Women In Consulting

Discover the Power of Collaboration

Women In Consulting® (WIC) is a community of professional women that helps each other build strong businesses. Our strengths lie in our interactions and collaborations with each other, and in our professional educational programs.

Women In Consulting members are known for generously sharing best practices, expertise, advice and resources, and for working together on projects. In the process, we expand our capabilities, accelerate our learning, and smooth the path to successful businesses.

We’re also a premier resource for businesses seeking industry experts to deliver high-quality results. Although many members get business through Women In Consulting, we’re not a leads group. We’re much more than that, with educational programs and a community of smart, savvy women who rely on each other for personal and professional advice and support.



Our main focus is on professional support, education, growth and development. Specifically, our members enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Support from a diverse network of high-caliber colleagues, many of whom serve the world's leading organizations
  • Immediate access to experienced professionals who provide resources, recommendations and advice
  • Insight into what works and what doesn't, shortening trial and error
  • Opportunities to collaborate with like-minded professionals with complementary skills
  • Access to practical, proven tools, resources and programs
  • Participation in an energizing organization known for its supportive, inclusive and friendly “personality”
  • Regular opportunities to meet with colleagues at events
  • "Whole-life support," with help for personal and professional matters
  •  Enduring friendships that go far beyond the realm of business

We’re consultants, business owners, students and C-suite executives at early-stage, emerging and well-established companies. We span a broad range of specialties including marketing, financial services, executive coaching, market research, branding and other professional services. We help our members through every stage of the business life cycle, from just getting started to managing a mature organization.

Established in 1998, Women In Consulting is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and has members throughout the world. To read about some of the historical press and media exposure Women In Consulting has received click here

Learn more about Women In Consulting membership options here.  View the organization's Bylaws here.

“Women In Consulting’s network professionals provide knowledge, insight and connections that help me grow my business.”

Mary Gospe, KickStart Alliance