WIC Mastermind Groups

WIC helps facilitate the formation and ongoing support of Mastermind Groups to help its members reach their highest potential. WIC Mastermind Groups are designed to help participants share resources, develop a trusted support system, and benefit from other’s tested ideas and business practices. Mastermind participants act as personal advisors, providing advice, alerting each other to opportunities, and helping each other smoothly navigate past blind spots.

In a Mastermind Group, you can expect to:

  • Share resources and networks to grow your business.
  • Gain perspectives that will help you meet business challenges.
  • Validate and develop your ideas
  • Get new ideas, tested and vetted by your peers.
  • Develop a trusted support system
  • Acquire accountability partners to help you stay on track.

How Mastermind Groups Work

WIC reviews the applications of potential group members and forms groups of five to seven members each, based on common needs and objectives. Group members receive an orientation, suggested format, and recommendations on how each group can structure its interactions (meeting frequency, timing, facilitation, content, etc.). WIC will also provide collaboration tools and guidance along the way to help members get the most out of their group. 

Participants make a 12-month minimum commitment to the group and respect the confidentiality of its discussions. The value of Mastermind Groups increases as relationships and trust deepen over time.

Groups meet virtually by video or audio conference call, in person, or a combination of the two, depending on the group’s preference. Each member asks questions, seeks advice, gets new perspectives and celebrates successes.

The groups are self-organizing with some flexibility on format. They can adopt or personalize WIC-provided topics and formats.

Timing and Investment

Participation in WIC Mastermind Groups is limited to WIC members. The cost for the initial 12-months of participation is only $300 (Premium/Leaders Network Members) and $399 (Basic Members). 

View the Mastermind informational briefing Is a Mastermind Group Right for You?  Robin Weintraub, former Director of Mentorship Programs, provides a brief 10-15 minute overview of the WIC Mastermind Groups and then answers common questions. If you’re considering a Mastermind Group, but still aren’t sure if it will meet your needs, please view this webinar.    

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