Women In Consulting Annual Consulting Best Practices Survey

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Don't miss this chance to learn from the wisdom of the consulting community. One survey respondent told us: 

“I can trace about half my income last year to WIC in some fashion or other
(referral, direct subcontractor, etc.)”


Having first started in 2002, the Women In Consulting (WIC) Best Practices Research has established itself as a source for insights on what drives success for consulting businesses. 

The annual survey takes an in-depth look at the state of best practices across consulting firms. All consultants, including those beyond the WIC community, are invited to participate in this confidential survey.

Jen Berkley Jackson, survey program director says,
“This is the 15th year WIC has run our consulting best practices research.
The survey continues to offer valuable insight into the evolution of consulting businesses.
These insights support WIC community members,
and, frankly, all consultants in streamlining operations and driving growth.”

Survey Scope

The survey asks detailed questions about the strategies and tactics consultants use to more effectively manage and drive growth for their businesses in the previous calendar. Through this survey, WIC has 15 years of data on  revenue and profitability trends and rates, consulting expertise and specialties, business structure and operations. Questions asked include:

  • Total revenue
  • Average hourly rate (if applicable)
  • Average retainer fee (if applicable)
  • Average project fee (if applicable)
  • Target hourly rate in project fees (if applicable)
  • Number of subcontractors used
  • Total amount paid to subcontractors and/or employees
  • Survey also captures more broad-based advice and business practices

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Due to a dedicated team of WIC volunteers and board members who spend a significant amount of time analyzing the data collected, we are able to compile a list of any best practices identified by respondents. Best practices are then shared with the WIC Community over time through program or event topics, community-wide teleconference calls, blog posts, and newsletters.

All survey participants, in addition to WIC Premium and Leaders Network members, receive complimentary access to the research report when it is published in the fall annually. Individuals who are not a Premium or Leaders Network member of WIC, or did not participate in this year’s survey, may purchase access to the report. Purchase the latest research report here.

If you are a Premium or Leaders Network member, take advantage of the insights in previous years' reports by visiting the member-only Annual Best Practices Research page.

Here are some words of wisdom from a few of our survey respondents: 

“Network with a Passion.”

“Word of mouth is everything. Never burn bridges or leave a bad impression.
Be direct. Be honest. But be respectful.”

“Value people. Clients, vendors, freelancers... it’s all about relationships.”