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Partnering with Women In Consulting (WIC) gives you access to a dynamic, professional group of over 200 consultants and small business owners. It also gives you exposure to a broader audience—our members’ clients, a community totaling more than 3,000.

Many of our partners provide WIC members with exclusive discounts on their products and services, giving our members an opportunity to become familiar with the benefits of their offerings.

To learn more about our different partnerships, contact us.

Types of Partnerships

Partnership TypeDescriptionAccess to WIC


Choose from a variety of paid sponsorship options below

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All site visitors, WIC members, event attendees (members and non-members)
Exclusive Discounts

Provide goods and services at discounts of at least 15% to WIC members

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All site visitors and WIC members; discounts available only to Premium and Leaders Network Members 
In-Kind Provide complimentary goods and services (e.g., audiovisual equipment for WIC events). All site visitors and WIC members
 Affiliate Association

Promote events to each other's communities (e.g., SVAMA). 

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 WIC members only


Paid Sponsorship Options

Sponsorship options are available to reach this active group of consulting professionals. Present yourself and your company to the WIC community! We WANT to know your story. Sponsor a WIC General Meeting and present your message to between 30 to 60 attendees by networking for 60 minutes with a draped table to display your business, speaking at the podium AND accessing over 3,000 additional business people through our email list promotions of your business and your ad on the WIC website.

For information on sponsorship or advertising opportunities, contact Angel Rampy.

Sponsor Benefits 

Gold Level 

Promotional Webinar

General Meeting Table Sponsor

Bronze Level

Home Page Advertisements 

Cost (Member Discount*)





$99 for 1 month**
$175 for 2 months**
$200 for 3 months**

General Meeting Pass, Sponsored Meeting ($55 value)

2 tkts at 2 
General Meetings





Additional registration field for registrant to opt-in for sponsor information






Exclusive Email Partner Announcement






Highlighted in Event Promotional Emails






Home Page Rotating Ad (30 days; WIC can create this graphic for $75 per ad**)

3 months





Promotion on Sponsor Page

12 months

6 months

6 months 



2- to 3-Minute Webfomercial on Website






Static Banner Ad (30 days; WIC can create this graphic for $75 per ad**)






Podium time, display table and handouts at the meeting  


 All except no table 
(virtual event)




Pre- or post-event PPT or handouts provided by sponsor in PDF format will be sent out by WIC to registrants.






Event will be marketed through WIC's social media including the blog, Facebook page and Twitter.






*Except where otherwise noted, Premium members receive 40% discount off rate card, Basic members receive 10% discount off rate card. 
**Member discounts do not apply to the rotating ad or graphic creation fees.

For more information about becoming a Sponsor, please contact us


“When we network at WIC, we get a chance to personally collaborate with a handful of women.  However, when we sponsor, we get a chance to provide a whole forum of consultants a chance to understand what  you have to offer and how you can personally become a part of their business success.”

Angel Rampy, Success Through Learning

“I’ve landed work several times thanks to WIC opportunities I never would’ve had otherwise.”

Jean Lombard, Technica Communications